CBRS Private LTE Networks for Industry 4.0


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7 min


The next industrial revolution is underway. Industry 4.0 represents a sea change characterized by reconfigurable factories, big data analytics, increased automation, predictive and preventative maintenance, mobility and more. To achieve this, robust connectivity for cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), simulation, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and other smart industry technologies is paramount. However, the traditional connectivity toolkit is constrained by high costs, performance and security limitations, and a lack of scale and agility. Private LTE networks enabled by CBRS spectrum are poised to transform Industry 4.0. This TechTakeover presentation hosted by Automation Alley and featuring speakers from the OnGo Alliance, Cradlepoint, Geoverse and RF Connect will define what Private LTE is and how it is made more accessible by CBRS, identify use cases for the industrial sector, showcase technology and business benefits, reveal results from early pilot programs, and educate attendees on how to obtain Private LTE networks.