As demands increase on wireless infrastructure due to more smartphones, tablets and laptops, it is critical to plan and design beyond coverage. Capacity and performance must be planned from the beginning. We have experience with all types of venues from tunnels to campuses and airports. We utilize industry leading processes and tools such as JDSU, Agilent, Spectrum Analyzers, AirMagnet and other tools. Our vast experience, combined with our innovative tools, assure a high performance network.

A site survey from RF Connect provides a system benchmark test to determine how well an existing system is working, what may need to be improved, or a baseline of macro coverage which serves as an input into the design process to provide coverage where needed and ensure DAS dominance over existing signal penetration.


Oakwood Hospital 

Oakwood Hospital was experiencing poor quality with voice-over WiFi on their network, which had evolved from data only. RF Connect provided a site survey and design that allows the hospital to seamlessly run both asset tracking and voice and data applications.

Mt. Olive Pickles

Mount Olive sought to improve its inter-company communications by deploying voice and data over WiFi in a very RF challenged environment. RF Connect designed a successful “green field” WiFi solution to support voice and data.


Unlicensed frequency usage continues to increase in popularity, therefore solutions utilizing this RF space require a survey for optimal success. Our surveys include physical, electrical and mechanical analysis as well as line-of-site, path-loss noise and Fresnel zone calculations.


Plymouth-Canton Schools

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools was faced with operational budget cuts and wanted to better understand how to reduce telecommunication costs. RF Connect evaluated which schools in the district could be connected via a WiFi Ethernet Bridge. RF Connect provided a site survey with a path loss analysis to determine that eight schools could be linked, saving the district over $240,000 in leased line costs from the local exchange carrier, all while increasing bandwidth by 500%.

Allied Printing

Allied Printing was suddenly faced with a problem with the point-to-point wireless bridge connection between two of its facilities, which caused delays in production. RF Connect was recommended to Allied by their consulting firm to provide a site survey, tower analysis and network performance review. RF Connect changed the design of the bridge network and discovered that one tower was improperly installed and was the root cause of a roof failure. After the implementation of the RF Connect solution, not only was their network performance improved by 100%, but the roof was fixed, avoiding a potential catastrophe.

Michigan Department of Transportation

The Michigan Department of Transportation discovered that several of its Intelligent Transportation System “license exempt” links stopped working from the Spring until Fall and then suddenly began working again. RF Connect analyzed the links and determined that noise from nearby agriculture equipment was causing interference.

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