Recently,  Joe Scarangella – proposal manager here at RF Connect – shared his thoughts with IndustryWeek on one of the most important but often overlooked elements of the very popular Internet of Things (IoT): a wireless infrastructure that will support the demands created by these applications.

Joe explains that as the IoT expands – and creates a world where data connectivity is ubiquitous – it is vital to have standards and infrastructure in place to ensure that the data flows safely and efficiently.

“The challenge is ensuring that wireless networks are capable of providing the service without interruption or signal degradation. Whether the solution is a distributed antenna system (DAS), small cell wireless, LPWAN, Wi-Fi or a heterogeneous network (HetNet) which combines all of these technologies, the systems architecture must be thoughtfully designed, appropriate for the space and capable of being upgraded to meet future needs.”

Read the entire article, “The Internet of Things: Massive Connectivity Requires Robust Infrastructure,” on the IndustryWeek website.