By Kevin Shea, Program Manager, RF Connect

At RF Connect, we often discuss the importance of keeping First Responders connected in all situations, particularly ones where it’s difficult to source an RF signal to maintain open lines of communication. Recently, this took on a whole new and personal dimension for me.

I live and work in Amherst, New Hampshire. I work from home, and I realized that this would allow me to be a resource to my town in the event of emergencies. I have the flexibility in my schedule that supports responding to local emergency calls, as well as unique qualifications and understanding of the role of technology in such situations…so I decided to become trained and certified as an on-call firefighter.

So far, it has been a very interesting pairing of two professions. As a firefighter and First Responder, I know that working as a team is critical – but being able to communicate with each other is imperative, and it could mean the difference between life and death.

Making wireless communication possible in venues and locations where they are “signally impaired” has been my business for the better part of the last 15 years with RF Connect, helping design and deploy public safety distributed antenna systems (DAS) that First Responders like myself rely on every day. I’m also glad to know that RF Connect maintains a partnership with organizations like the Safer Buildings Coalition, which is similarly dedicated to these systems.

It really hits home for me now that making communication possible in these locations allows the men and women in public safety roles to do their jobs better, and takes one less risk out of the challenges they face. I’m very proud to serve as a firefighter for my hometown whenever I’m needed, and to be part of a company so committed to overall communication in public safety.

Kevin Shea is Program Manager for RF Connect. Based in Amherst, New Hampshire, he is responsible for overseeing all phases of in-building distributed antenna system projects, including cabling construction, infrastructure, commissioning, financial reporting and final acceptance testing for government and private-sector clients.