• CommScope/Andrew
  • Corning/Mobile Access
  • Cisco- CCNA, CCDA, Wireless
  • Motorola- Enterprise, WIB
  • Proxim
  • JDSU
  • iBWave levels 1-3
  • Certified Wireless Network Administrators (CWNA)
  • Certified Wireless Security Professionals (CWSP)
  • Meraki

Contact Information

RF Connect Services – 1.800.RFC.4882

RF Connect Sales – 248.303.7340

RF Connect Corporate – 248.489.5800 

RF Connect Careers careers@rfconnect.com

Corporate Headquarters

RF Connect LLC.
37735 Enterprise Ct., Ste. 200
Farmington Hills, MI 48331
Voice: (248) 489-5800
Facsimile: (248) 489-5801


Regional Offices

Southwest Region
Midwest Region
Mid-Atlantic Region
Southeast Region
West Coast Region


RF Connect Twitter

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For building owners seeking more information on #5g, #WiFi6 and #CBRS use cases, rollout timelines and best practices for preparing, check out our article in today's @REALCOMMtweet Advisory... https://t.co/m7wGMhzs2C
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Survey: Which emerging technology intrigues you the most? 1) #5G 2) #WiFi6 3) #CBRS
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Survey: Which emerging technology confuses you the most? #CBRS

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1 year ago
In a heterogenous network, multiple tools may support an application or service. For instance, #inbuilding smartphone coverage could be supported by #WiFi or by traditional licensed #cellular enhancement solutions or, in the future, by #CBRS-enabled networks.
@REALCOMMtweet https://t.co/JazTgHAEYP
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