A Texas-based global provider of subsea systems, technologies and services to the oil and gas industries was moving to a new campus and needed 1.2 million square feet of RF coverage. The campus included new construction for office, manufacturing and storage facilities spread among five buildings. The company required service for all cellular carriers plus all Public Safety frequencies.


RF Connect created a solution that would enhance all of the cellular carriers and the first responder network on a single system. RF Connect designed and implemented a neutral host distributed antenna system (DAS) solution to cover all RF frequencies needed in the five new buildings. The team placed cables and antennas throughout the campus to ensure uninterrupted cellular communications and to guarantee a reliable connection to the first responder’s radio network.


RF Connect completed the Public Safety portion of the DAS ahead of schedule. The local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) indicated how impressed they were with RF Connect’s engineering knowledge and expertise.

RF Connect is designing next phase maintenance solutions to provide continued upkeep and monitoring services to manage the network at maximum efficiency.


RF Connect is a recognized leader in the design, deployment, and support of high performance wireless and mobile solutions at high-capacity public and private venues around the nation. As a National Carrier Approved Turnkey Service Provider, the RF Connect technical team serves clients with industry-proven processes, tools, training, and technology that ensure reliable and robust connectivity for voice, data and multimedia needs. The nation’s largest hospitals, entertainment complexes, retail facilities, commercial real estate and high-rise facilities, municipal/educational institutions and other facilities team with RF Connect to optimize their mobile applications on a solid and well-planned wireless utility network (WUNSM) that is secure, robust, reliable, and ready to meet today’s demands. With more than a decade of specific experience in state-of-the-art connectivity in high-capacity settings, RF Connect provides its clients reliable, cost-effective systems and applications that provide un-tethered access to mission-critical information anytime and anywhere.

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